Dobreff Design Carbon Fiber Sauce Dish – Large


Sauce dish handmade with genuine carbon fiber and glass, 6cm x 1.2cm.


Part of the kitchen and dining accessories collection from Dobreff Design, it brings together the following characteristics; futuristic design, stylish and elegant appearance, 3D effect and brilliance. This carbon fiber sauce dish meets all the criteria.

Each sauce dish is handmade using genuine 2×2 twill carbon fiber and glass. The glass on the inside allows this piece to be totally safe to use with food. The production process is very stringent, but without using pressure, it can lead to minor imperfections, such as small air bubbles in the glass. The outside of the sauce dish has a unique premium matte finish that allows you to feel the carbon fiber weave and keep it very durable so that it always looks good.

This dish is not microwave safe or dishwasher safe, we recommend washing by hand.


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